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Hotel & Resort Shoots



The Architecture project includes pictures of the property such as aerial imaging, garden, architecture shots of the property’s exterior and interior photos of each room type and living spaces.



This is for special projects located in exciting new horizons or requiring special attention to capture your product with all it’s intended glory.


Luxury Yaght Project


The Standalone



This is the shot. The perfect photo, the one that tells your story, the front page of your website, the magazine cover, the social media banner.
It’s the first picture you show to your precious customers.



Showcase your artefacts, your hard work, your pride and joy in all the light it deserves.


Artistic Portfolio



More than Just photography

Specialising in luxury real estate and accommodation,
I offer architecture photography services, aerial drone photos and videos, property and business websites, 360° virtual tours, marketing flyer and art catalogue creation as well as full real estate and business videos.

Rates and availability :

Every project is unique, sometimes requiring special equipment uniquely tailored for the needs of the end result.
Imagery is an art, it requires time to understand the product.
I like to feel each project as my own, looking beyond the subject is important and requires time prior to the shoot to discuss everything from the grand vision to the tiny details.
Most projects are multi day adventures allowing to perfect each angle and master the available light.
I prefer working on a per image cost following the categories above. A day rate can also be discussed for some projects.

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